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Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

free Download avatar movie The Last Airbender 2010


short stories "The Last Airbender 2010"

100 years since the last Post disappeared, and in That Time the Fire Nation, led by the bellicose and (not so much), father of the year candidate Fire Lord Ozai (Cliff Curtis) have been terrorizing its neighbors. The Fire Nation, Whose soldiers have the ABILITY to bend fire - that is, the fire control through, for lack of a better word, kung fu - have razed the land with on their "machines", a source of much derision Among the other Nations. In the naturalistic, fantasy world of "The Last Airbender", everyone Lives in harmony with nature, so the Fire Nation's clunky war machines are seen as instruments of brute, ugly violence and insults against the nature That everyone cherishes so much. It's all very Obvious and "Sledgehammer to the face", yet something else the film's script has in common with Cameron's film.

Download Movie the Last Airbender
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