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Senin, 22 Juni 2009

robot team win in indonesia Francisco


Francisco - Robot Team from the University Computer Indonesia Indonesia (UNIKOM) in Bandung successful champion to reach and I get the gold medal in the 'International Robo Games' held in San Francisco, USA. International Robot Competition that took place during 3 days (12-14 June 2009) estimated that around 3000 people attended.

Said Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in San Francisco in the release that received detikcom on Monday (15/6/2009). Victory obtained through Indonesia's Robot DU-114 to reach the fastest time in finding the source of fire and spray water with memadamkannya automatically (fire diperagakan using wax).

While Robot NEXT-116 works UNIKOM other students, Stevanus Akbar, not to get medals. However, Robot NEXT-116 this is the only robot that uses 8 feet as a means of movement (walking robots) that make it to participate in the Open category Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot is.

While other robot-robot uses wheels / chain as a means of movement, so-called 116-NEXT jury as a robot who works for the spectacular category.

When receiving the gold medal of the Games Robo committee stage it in honor, Team India Robot wave red and white flag to be greeted with a rousing cheers of the audience are generally U.S. citizens. The victory also Robot Indonesia diliput directly by kru TV Voice of America (VOA), which specifically come from Washington DC

Victory is worth considering the team dibanggakan new Robot Indonesia was the first time abroad. Indonesia's team successfully defeated a team from the developed countries, including the U.S. itself. This team has previously sweep Smart Robot Competition Indonesia (KRCI) regional level (West-Java, DKI Jakarta, and Banten) and national level in Indonesia during the years 2007-2008.

Name of DU-114 robot was taken from the abbreviation in the address campus UNIKOM Bandung (Jl Dipati Ukur no. 114, Bandung). Robot is the work of students UNIKOM Rudi Hartono under the guidance of Head of Robotics Division UNIKOM Yusrila Yeka Kerlooza.

Robot team which consists of Indonesia Dr Aelina Surya (Purek III as Chairman of the team), Dr Hj Ria Ratna Ariawati (Purek I), Yusrila Y Kerlooza (Head of Robotics Division), Rudi Hartono (students), and Alexander Stevanus Akbar (students) to plan to return to Indonesia on Tuesday, 16 June 2009, and are expected to arrive in Jakarta on Thursday, 18 June 2009.


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